"The Earth is a living being endowed with its own soul. One can never discover one's true self unless one has close ties with one's native land. I am convinced that no artist has ever cut himself off from his native soil. The heart of the Earth is the heart of Man. And this heart is the source of all being."

Martiros Saryan (1880-1972); famous Armenian artist.



Armenian Artists: V.Surenyants, M.Avetisyan, A.Bajbeuk-Melikyan, H.Galents, E.Kochar, G.Khanjyan, E.Tatevosyan, A.Ovnatanyan










MATENADARAN-The Mesrop Mashtots Institute of Ancient Manuscripts




THE EREBUNI MUSEUM OF HISTORY stands at the foot of the Arin Berd hill, on top of which the Urartian Fortress Erebouni has stood

Erebuni Fortress (Arin Berd), is a fortified city from the ancient kingdom of Urartu, located in what is present-day Yerevan, Armenia. Erebuni was founded by King Argishti I (785–753 B.C.) in 782 B.C.

Urartian pottery and the Achaemenid rhyton, Erebuni museum






THE BABYLONIAN CLAY TABLET WORLD MAP. 2600 years old. Armenia is the only modern country that can be found on this map!

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